Sophomore Melody Coe Uncovers Hidden Storytelling Talent

Mount Dora Christian Academy Sophomore Melody Coe performed her version of Jewish folktale “The Tailor” at Florida Storytelling Festival in April. Melody was one of the four recipients of the 2016 Virginia Rivers Scholarships for Youthful Voices. Melody comments on her talent discovery, “During my time at the storytelling festival we worked, as youthful voices, with the featured tellers of the Festival. We worked on technique and just learned more about the art of storytelling. Then I performed with the other winners that following Saturday night at the concert.  I have just recently discovered this art which has been around for quite a while and I am so glad I did. It has expanded my horizons of the performing arts, and I am looking forward to the opportunities to further my knowledge in this new found talent of storytelling.”

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