Internet & Kids Safety

The internet is a staple in today’s culture, particularly for youth. At Mount Dora Christian Academy all of our students begin using iPads as a crucial part of their learning experience by 6th grade. With that said, the Academy also enforces important internet safety guidelines for students, and encourages parents to follow tips from Federal Trade Commission – Protecting Kids Online. Below are our favorite tips:

1. Supervision is important. Stay in close touch and restrict access to sites and apps that you know to be inappropriate.

2. Communicate your expectations, including time limits, reasons for internet use, and when to get a parent or teacher for help.

3. Watch out for signs of cyber bullying. This includes, but is not limited to, mean-spirited comments or photos, and is crucial to internet safety.

4. Create strong passwords, and keep them private.

5. Let your child know not to share personal information unless given permission by an adult.

6. Educate your child about phishing scams. Phishing scams are when scam artists send texts, emails, or pop-ups asking for personal information.

For additional information and tips on keeping your children safe from internet dangers, visit

Also, consider using our Internet Safety Permit as a way to start the conversation!

Internet Safety Permit

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