Mount Dora Christian Academy Senior Awarded Howard Todd Servant Scholarship





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Mount Dora Christian Academy Senior Awarded Howard Todd Servant Scholarship

MOUNT DORA, FLA, JULY 17, 2017 – Mount Dora Christian Academy announces today Senior, Class of 2018, Sebastian Rolon, has been awarded the inaugural Howard Todd Servant Scholarship. The scholarship is a four-year, full tuition award provided by York College, York, Neb.

Eligibility for the prestigious award is limited to participants in the Presidential Leadership Institute (PLI), which is hosted on the York College campus each July. PLI is a collaborative effort with schools throughout the United States affiliated with the National Christian School Association. York College administration, presenters of the PLI, and peers voted for Rolon after interacting with him through the PLI program.

According to Dr. Nathan Mellor, co-founder of Presidential Leadership Institute (PLI), the scholarship is a fitting recognition. “The fact this scholarship exists says a lot about both the leadership of York College and about Howard Todd. The leaders at York are committed to service and developing leaders of character. It makes sense that an institution committed to these goals would find a friend in Howard. He is a gifted communicator, a reliable friend and someone who genuinely seeks to serve.”

“We couldn’t be more proud of Sebastian and his representation of MDCA,” says Head of School, Dr. Brad Moser. “We strive to give our students opportunities to strengthen their relationship with Christ, build a foundation of moral character, and achieve academic success. This was a great example of our mission in motion. Congratulations, Sebastian!”

Participating schools included:

Alabama Christian Academy
Christian Academy of Greater St Louis
Lubbock Christian School
Mount Dora Christian Academy
Pikes Peak Christian School
Prattville Christian Academy
Wichita Christian School


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