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Giving Tuesday

This year we aimed to raise $100,000 for four special projects on campus with our Giving Tuesday Campaign.

We are thrilled to announce that we have exceeded our goal and raised $144,735!


With your help, and the help of donors across the country, we can:
  • Fund a new elementary play structure
  • Update needed Chromebooks
  • Install water bottle stations
  • Acquire new Student Center furniture


Your donation will allows us to live our mission statement of empowering our community to love God and others, pursue excellence, and impact our world. Money raised beyond our goal will stay in the Annual Fund to be used for Academy needs. 

For more details, call Dr. Tony Kinkel at (352) 729-9015 or send him an email.

2022 Project Details

Project #1: Elementary Playground

Our playground equipment is 25 years old. We are seeking to update the playground before it becomes unsafe and unusable. We hope to purchase new slides, a new climbing structure, and a rock wall. Playgrounds provide a vital link to social and motor skills, as well as brain development. Playgrounds accelerate all types of learning and are important for a child’s emotional, cognitive, and physical development. 

Project #2: Chromebooks 

MDCA needs more Chromebooks. All communication between faculty and parents is done through Chromebooks. The school furnishes K-5th grade students with Chromebooks to prepare them for the learning system they will use in the upper grades. Chromebooks have a 3-year life span, and those older do not work within our learning operations system.

Project #3: Water Bottle Stations

Currently, we need to replace our outdated and aging drinking fountains with water bottle stations. A key benefit of filtered water bottle filling stations is their ability to use high-performance filters that remove common contaminants such as chlorine and lead. Moreover, water bottle stations lessen the spread of viruses and increase adequate water intake, which raises energy levels, decreases headaches, and improves cognitive function.

Project #4: Student Center Furniture

We recognize that students spend almost 7 hours a day inside one of our classrooms. Learning spaces are aesthetic environments that reinforce the values of MDCA. Students are doing much of their learning outside of the classroom. To improve such learning, we have designed the Student Center to be like a large living room that leads to active, comfortable, technology-driven spaces where students can meet, learn, create, and collaborate. The existing furniture has been stained and damaged and has been there since the Center’s inception.

Donate to Giving Tuesday

What about the 2021 Giving Tuesday Project?

In 2021, we had a goal to raise $30,000 to help fund our Academic Success Center.

Check out the images below to see the current progress!

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