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Hall of Fame

In the summer of 1994, Cletus Stutzman, Mike Hill, and Jack Cole met to discuss establishing the MDCA Sports Hall of Fame. Within a few months a selection committee was formed, the criteria was established, and the MDCA Sport Hall of Fame became a reality. Since that meeting, 43 athletes, coaches, and supporters have been inducted into our Sports Hall of Fame. 

MDCA as we are now known in the sports community, has had a rich history of competitive play. District, Regional, and State Championships have been won by many of our teams. Many individuals have won recognition as All-District, All-County, and All-State athletes. 

The MDCA Sports Hall of Fame provides us with a lasting tribute to those who are our highest achievers in athletics. 

We would like to congratulate all of the inductees into the MDCA Sports Hall of Fame. Your dedication to athletics and commitment to excellence has ensured your name will forever be remembered in MDCA's athletic history. 

Hall of Fame Nomination


  • Must be an MDCA graduate
  • Minimum of 3 years participation in MDCA Athletics
  • Nominations made by alumni, former parents, coaches, administration, faculty, or staff of MCDA


  • No limitations on times nominated
  • No limitations on number of athletes considered by committee
  • Can be selected for more than one category
  • Posthumous Awards

Athlete Award

  • Leadership
  • Record holder
  • All-State, All-State, All-County Recognition
  • All around athlete
  • Positive influence on school

Coaches Award

  • Longevity-Minimum of 10 years
  • Championships
  • Records
  • Not a volunteer
  • Positive influence on school
  • Is retiring the year of Hall of Fame inductions 

Meritorious Service Award

  • Good rapport with athletes/staff
  • Dedication to program
  • Service to Athletic Program years Involved
  • Goes the second mile