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Athletic Forms

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Athletic Clearance

Mount Dora Christian Academy is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association. For more information visit the FHSAA website. In order to participate in MDCA Athletics, the following FHSAA forms must be completed and returned to the Secondary Office.

In planning ahead for the return to athletics in August, we wanted to give our families plenty of time to prepare. The athletic clearance process to participate in MDCA athletics is fully electronic. If you are returning to us, this is the same process we have used for the last two years.

The MDCA Athletic Department requires all students who plan to participate in athletics for the 2023-24 school year, to complete this process.

Parents will need to ensure that their student has an updated & current physical on the FHSAA form EL2 and an online athletic clearance account completed by visiting before they will be allowed to participate in any capacity. This must be completed before your child will be allowed to participate in tryouts as well. 

This applies to every student-athlete incoming 6th-12th grade who plans to participate in athletics at MDCA. Once the online account has been created and all parts competed, the EL2 physical form must be uploaded to the site. This information will be review by the MDCA athletic department staff. We DO NOT accept paper physicals for clearance. 

Online Athletic Clearance Instructions

***At MDCA, we require out athletes to complete the required NFHS online classes in a group setting so it is not necessary for you to upload these certificates for your student to be cleared.***

Everything must be uploaded and signed electronically, we will clear students once their profile has been completed. Your student's physical will be uploaded with ease directly to this site from your computer, cell phone, or other device.

We will not accept partially completed packets online or hard copies of packets. If you don't have everything completed, your student will not be permitted to participate in athletics until everything has been taken care of. If your child is denied clearance for any reason, you will receive an email with instructions on how to get their profile completed. The system will prompt you to print off the confirmation page and return it to the athletic office. WE DO NOT REQUIRE THIS STEP. Please do not return account confirmation page.

Please note that with the athletic clearance account updates this summer, you will have to create a new account. You may be able to use the same log in information from before, however, some information will not be transferred over.

We have included a very helpful video to walk you through the process: 

Physicals MUST be completed by the physician on the attached EL2 FHSAA form ONLY. No other form will be accepted. 

The Florida High School Athletic Department does not recognize any other form of physical.