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The Mount Dora Christian Academy Athletic Program is used as an outlet for students to grow and develop as athletes and Christians.

A variety of athletics teams are offered for students beginning in 6th grade. Our experienced coaches not only teach our athletes the fundamentals of their sport, but they also encourage teamwork and time management skills to ensure students are maintaining their grades and managing their classwork. MDCA coaches build stronger relationships with their student-athletes by encouraging students to study the Bible as a team. For students in grades K-5, after-school leagues such as football and soccer are offered and meet weekly.

Athletic Teams


Boys Varsity Bowling

Girls Varsity Bowling

Varsity Sideline Cheerleading

Boys Varsity Cross Country

Girls Varsity Cross Country

Boys Middle School Cross Country

Boys Varsity Football

Boys Varsity Golf

Girls Varsity Golf

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball

Girls Middle School Volleyball


Boys Varsity Basketball

Girls Varsity Basketball

Boys Junior Varsity Basketball

Boys Middle School Basketball

Girls Middle School Basketball

Varsity Sideline Cheerleading

Girls Middle School Sideline Cheerleading

Girls Varsity Competitive Cheer

Boys Varsity Soccer

Girls Varsity Soccer

Girls Varsity Weightlifting


Boys Varsity Baseball

Boys Middle School Baseball

Boys Junior Varsity Baseball

Girls Varsity Softball

Girls Junior Varsity Softball

Boys Varsity Tennis

Girls Varsity Tenner

Boys & Girls Varsity Track & Field

Boys & Girls Middle School track & Field

Boys Varsity Weightlifting

Ready to Play at the Next Level

MDCA seniors are competitively recruited by colleges to play at the next level. This year, we have over 25% of students that have committed with the following collegiate teams to play sports as they continue their education at selective universities throughout the nation.

Class of 2021 Bulldog student-athletes have committed to the following schools:

Athletic Leadership Team

Megan Ziegelhofer

Athletic Director

Elizabeth Knight

Athletic Administrative Assistant, Girls Middle School Basketball Head Coach

Steven Hayes

Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, Assistant Athletic Director, P.E. Teacher

What's Happening