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The drama program at Mount Dora Christian Academy has enjoyed a long and rich tradition in the community of Mount Dora. The crew for both elementary and secondary shows is entirely student-run.

Our theatre department has won several awards over the years:
  • 2011 Winner of the Women's Committee on Fine Arts Scholarship for Dramatic Monologue
  • Female Thespian of the Year
  • Male Thespian of the Year
  • 7 Year Club (A student must participate in the arts for all middle and high school years at MDCA)
  • Fine Arts Ambassador (A student must excel in multiple areas of the fine arts program to receive this award)

Preparations for the middle school play have also begun.  There's something for everyone in this modern day musical....

It’s not a fantasy land reached through the wardrobe in a spare room, but ancient Babylon, reached through a new virtual-reality game! Join the clue-solving kids as the Biblical story literally — or virtually — comes to life with Daniel in a den of lions, the Hebrew boys in a fiery furnace (where their robes weren’t even scorched — just “warmed”!), and some mysterious handwriting on the wall. Cool songs, with fun and funny dialog help bring to life this chronicle of faith in the one true God who delivers, and point to the ultimate deliverer — Jesus Christ! Go from virtual reality to ultimate reality, with  The Lions, the Switch and the Warm Robes.

There will be two performances, both at 7pm on Friday, April 8th and Saturday, April 9th in the MDCA Auditorium.  General admission is only $5 and staff and students are free!  

First page of the PDF file: MSPlay2022

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Ms. Abbate: Secondary Theatre Teacher and Director

I love directing and teaching, because they both try to accomplish the same thing-getting a group of people together with different skills and talents, and guiding them toward a creative product.

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