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The drama program at Mount Dora Christian Academy has enjoyed a long and rich tradition in the community of Mount Dora. The crew for both elementary and secondary shows is entirely student-run.

Our theatre department has won several awards over the years:
  • 2011 Winner of the Women's Committee on Fine Arts Scholarship for Dramatic Monologue
  • Female Thespian of the Year
  • Male Thespian of the Year
  • 7 Year Club (A student must participate in the arts for all middle and high school years at MDCA)
  • Fine Arts Ambassador (A student must excel in multiple areas of the fine arts program to receive this award)

Past Productions

Courses Offered

Ms. Abbate: Secondary Theatre Teacher and Director

I love directing and teaching, because they both try to accomplish the same thing-getting a group of people together with different skills and talents, and guiding them toward a creative product.

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