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Success Stories

Mount Dora Christian Academy loves to showcase the success of our alumni in the fine arts! Here, we celebrate our graduates who have excelled in band, theatre, and art. Through their talent, hard work, and dedication, they have impacted their respective fields and continue to inspire current and future students to pursue their passions. We hope their stories will serve as a source of motivation and encouragement for all those interested in the arts.

Gabe Curtis

Gabe is a 2019 graduate who now owns and operates a video production company helping businesses market themselves in creative and engaging ways.

  • 2019
James Wakefield

James is a 2020 graduate of MDCA and is now a professional photographer/videographer working with pro athletes.

  • 2020
Caleb Emery

Caleb is a 2012 graduate of MDCA and has worked on several feature films and multiple tv shows.

  • 2012
Kasey Kraft (Newton)

Kasey is a 2014 graduate of MDCA and has worked professionally as a character performer, singer, and actor.

  • 2014
Carson Barker

Carson is a 2013 graduate of MDCA, he has now worked professionally as a lighting technician, and actor. 

  • 2013
Maeghin Mueller

Maeghin is a 2012 graduate of MDCA and is now a performing artist and has been cast in national tours for musicals. 

  • 2012

Ashley is a 2004 graduate of MDCA and is now a professional photographer.

  • 2004
Mackenzie LaRoe

Mackenzie is a 2006 graduate of MDCA and now works as a freelance photographer.

  • 2006
Kat Kemmet

Kat is a 2008 graduate of MDCA. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA where she writes, directs, performs, and produces. 

  • 2008
Emily Reising

Emily is a 2018 graduate of MDCA and is currently an Entertainment Costuming Coordinator at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

  • 2018
Lindsey Crouch (Massaro)

Lindsey Crouch (Massaro), a 2009 graduate of MDCA, is now the band director at Umatilla Middle School. 

  • 2009