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Teacher Profile: Mrs. Perkins

Mrs. Perkins teaches music to students in preschool through 5th grade at MDCA.

She was born and raised in Louisiana and started playing the flute in 7th grade. Mrs. Perkins has always taught music lessons to others, even since high school! Because of this, she decided to attend college to continue her education in music. Mrs. Perkins graduated with her Bachelor's in Music Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. She moved to Florida and began teaching in Osceola County, but then decided to further her education. After completing her Master's in Music Performance from Youngstown State University in Ohio, she moved back to Florida and began teaching in Lake County.

Mrs. Perkins' performance background includes but is not limited to:

  • Church orchestras

  • Professional and community orchestras and bands

  • Musicals

  • Solo and ensemble recitals

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher; even from a young age I enjoyed helping others understand concepts by figuring out different ways to explain things. When I started learning more about music in college, I absolutely loved learning to play all of the different instruments and knew I wanted to show others how to play instruments. I truly enjoy guiding students to find out what they love most about music.

Say hello to Mrs. Perkins the next time you see her!