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Secondary School marks a defining time in a student’s educational journey.

Middle School

Students in the 6th through 8th grades are challenged to embrace new responsibilities and independence that will prepare them for high school.

MDCA provides a learning environment for students and teachers emphasizing collaborative learning with respect for one another. Middle school students move from class to class each day and are supported and mentored by subject-certified teachers.Middle School


Our faculty and administrators strive to create a learning community that accommodates all learning styles. We believe in promoting team-work, creativity, communication, and critical thinking in our classrooms.


MDCA students have the opportunity to explore their talents and strengthen their work ethic through electives, fine arts, service groups, and athletics. MDCA values each student and encourages them to accept challenges, overcome them, and continue their success in their educational journey.

High School

Our high school, grades 9-12, provides a rigorous and dynamic curriculum that ensures students receive exposure to a wide range of disciplines.

MDCA offers over 25 accelerated, advanced placement, and dual enrollment classes on campus. Our subject-certified teachers strive to develop courses that encourage our students to not just memorize material but apply the material to their daily lives. Students will also have the opportunity to enroll in a Life Calling course that leads to self-discovery and will better prepare them for the challenges they will face in college.

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