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Continuous Enrollment

Continuous Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions

Continuous Enrollment (CE) is a common-sense approach to enrollment which is followed by almost all colleges and is being adopted by many Christian schools nation-wide. Rather than an opt-IN annual re-enrollment process, Continuous Enrollment is an opt-OUT process. In other words, if you’re returning to MDCA after initially enrolling, you’ll never have to worry about re-enrolling. Just to clarify, you will need to re-enroll and sign a CE contract for the 21-22 school year in January of 2021. After that, you will never have to worry about re-enrolling again!

MDCA leadership does a lot of planning to ensure that we are prepared to fulfill our mission every year. Until MDCA families “sign on the line” that they’re coming back each year, we can’t make solid plans for staffing, programs, materials, curriculum, and facility usage. We take the stewardship of tuition dollars entrusted to us every year very seriously. We want to invest these tuition dollars wisely so that we can provide the best education possible for our students.

Going forward the annual re-enrollment fee becomes an annual deposit towards the following school year’s tuition. This deposit is non-refundable and may change at MDCA’s discretion. The deposit secures a seat for your child(ren) and is a commitment to MDCA that your child(ren) will attend for the upcoming school year. The deposit will post to your FACTS tuition account in March of 2021.

Yes, but only in the following cases:

  • If your family submits an opt-out form by Jan 31 (in which case the down payment will not be drawn in March)
  • In the event of an unplanned move 30 miles or more
  • In the event, MDCA terminates the enrollment agreement for the upcoming school year
  • In the event of hardship (hardship cases require the approval of the Vice President of Finance

In January, you will complete re-enrollment for the 21-22 school year for the last time. Instructions will be emailed for completing the CE Contract in FACTS. On February 1st, your student(s) will be considered re-enrolled at MDCA for the 21-22 school year and beyond!

Each year tuition and fees will be announced in early January.

We know that situations can change. If you cannot attend MDCA for the upcoming school year (or, if you are unsure about your plans), you can opt-out by contacting Natalie Yawn in the Admissions Office ([email protected]) in writing or by submitting the non-returning student form by January 31st. Your student will not be re-enrolled on February 1st and you will be released from the financially binding CE contract. Your student's seat is released and not guaranteed for the upcoming school year.

Please contact Natalie Yawn in the Admissions Office [email protected] as soon as possible to let us know that you want to re-enroll. If a seat is still available for your student, you must follow the procedure for new applicants, and all applicable fees will apply.

MDCA offers need-based financial aid to qualifying families using FACTS Grant & Aid. Grant & Aid awards must be applied for annually. MDCA may not be able to meet 100% of the demonstrated need for each applicant, and frequently, the number of qualified applicants exceeds the tuition assistance resources of the school. Therefore, there is no guarantee that every qualified applicant will receive tuition assistance. Deadlines for submitting completed tuition assistance applications are as follows:

-Current MDCA Families: Application opens Nov. 1st and COMPLETED applications are due by December 31st. Awards are  
issued by Jan. 31st coinciding with the continuous enrollment opt-out period. 

-New Families: Applications open February 1st and will be awarded based on remaining funds. 

We are happy to answer your questions anytime!

For admissions, Continuous Enrollment, and re-enrollment questions, please contact Natalie Yawn or Ashton Ward in the Admissions Office [email protected].

For questions regarding financial assistance or payment plans, please contact Sue McGranaghan in the Business Office [email protected]