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International Students

2019-2020 Tuition

Please contact the Director of Admission Natalie Yawn with any questions or concerns regarding the tuition and fee schedule, 352-729-9008 or [email protected].

Meeting MDCA Admission Requirements

Mount Dora Christian Academy is dedicated to providing international students with a smooth transition into the academic environment in the United States. To ensure each student is prepared for the transition a list of requirements must be met to  continue to the application process.

  • The student must have acceptable English proficiency
  • The student must have the equivalent of an A, B, or C in all classes with a minimum score of 70% on a 100 point scale
  • Participate in a Skype interview to ensure the student has the ability to understand and respond to spoken English
  • Complete reference forms from credible references to support the student’s claim that they will succeed in a U.S. academic setting

The Application Process

Mount Dora Christian Academy is currently accepting international student applications for students in grades 6-12. In order to provide quality service to you, please follow these steps completely and accurately for the best chance of acceptance and enrollment at Mount Dora Christian Academy.

The application fee of 125.00 is due on completion of the application. Openings may be limited and applicants who wish to be considered should apply by May 1 for the following school year. Student applications will be reviewed only when all documents are received and the application fee processed.

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The documents listed below must be submitted to the admissions department at [email protected].

  • Grades/Transcripts translated into English for the past 3 years.  One helpful agency is the Foreign Credential Evaluation and Translation at  All middle school and high school transcripts must include the address, phone number, and name of a school principal/headmaster/head administrator.
  • At least 2 Recommendation/Reference forms to be completed by a current teacher and current principal.
  • A personal letter handwritten in English without assistance describing what you are like, why you want to study at MDCA, and what you hope to accomplish while you are here. Please print using black ink and remember to tell us all about you!  We suggest your letter be 300 words or more.
  • Proof of English Proficiency via TOEFL, iTEP SLATE-plus, or other approved English proficiency test.  This test must be taken by the student without assistance from anyone. Please provide the score sheet.  To find a local testing center, visit
  • Copy of Passport or Birth Certificate if a passport is not available yet.
  • Documentation showing financial means of support while studying at MDCA.  Bank verification of funds, required by INS translated into U.S. currency.
  • Current Immunization Records and Health Exam Records must be translated into English.
Upon receipt of all documents listed above, a Skype interview will be scheduled with the Admissions Director and/or Head of School.

Upon Acceptance you will receive via FedX:

    1. Current I-20 or letter of intent to transfer (I-20’s will not be issued without proof of English proficiency and receipt of all above-mentioned items)
    2. Letter of acceptance

A checklist is provided to ensure all procedures and payments are completed and submitted to provide a smooth transition for each student.

  • Pay the I-901 Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) fee and print your receipt here
  • Obtain your Visa by scheduling an appointment with your local U.S. Consulate.
  • Submit Travel Details to Admissions at [email protected].
  • Complete online enrollment including tuition management account as soon as possible after acceptance to secure your spot with MDCA.
  • Arrive prior to the start of school; typically the first week in August. You will be picked up by your American Host Family
  • Obtain your medical insurance.
  • Obtain your school schedule, order books, obtain an iPad, obtain locker prior to classes beginning in August.

All homestay arrangements will be handled through your contracted agency. Contact your agency to assist you during the application and enrollment process. For questions or inquiries about MDCA, please contact Natalie Yawn at [email protected].