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International Students

2024-2025 Tuition

Please contact the Director of Enrollment Management, Natalie Yawn, with any questions or concerns regarding the tuition and fee schedule, 352-729-9008 or

Click here for tuition details. Please keep in mind homestay fees and international student fees are situational and will vary by agency.

Meeting MDCA Admission Requirements

Mount Dora Christian Academy is dedicated to providing international students with a smooth transition into the academic environment in the United States. To ensure each student is prepared for the transition a list of requirements must be met to continue to the application process.

  • The student must have acceptable English proficiency
  • The student must have the equivalent of an A, B, or C in all classes with a minimum score of 70% on a 100 point scale
  • Participate in a Skype interview to ensure the student has the ability to understand and respond to spoken English
  • Complete reference forms from credible references to support the student’s claim that they will succeed in a U.S. academic setting

The Application Process

All homestay arrangements will be handled through your contracted agency. Contact your agency to assist you during the application and enrollment process. For questions or inquiries about MDCA, please contact Natalie Yawn at


Ashton Ward

Phone Numbers:
School: (352) 729-9125

Natalie Yawn

Phone Numbers:
School: (352) 729-9008