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Financial Aid

Need-Based Financial Aid 

A priority for MDCA is to provide socioeconomic diversity within our school. We recognize the educational value for all students when the student body represents a diversity of backgrounds, talents, and interests. Applying for need-based financial aid is the first step to determine eligibility for assistance. Income is only one factor that is considered for a family to receive need-based financial aid. Families are required to complete the financial aid application process each year financial assistance is needed. 

Facts Grant & Aid How To

FACTS Grant & Aid application opens November 1, 2022 for current MDCA families 

FACTS Grant & Aid application opens January 1, 2023 for new MDCA families

The FACTS Grant & Aid application will close when all available funds have been allocated. We strongly recommend applying as early as possible. 


Financial aid is offered as a reduction of full tuition, which is determined through an analysis of family financial need. Financial need is determined by FACTS Grant & Aid, an independent source, and all information is confidential.

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Florida School Choice Scholarships

Mount Dora Christian Academy accepts selected Florida Department of Education's School Choice Scholarships. Read more about each scholarship here:

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Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Opportunities or FES-EO (Income Based) Do I qualify?

Hope Scholarship

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Tuition and Financial Aid Director and Accounts Receivable

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