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Summer Reading Opportunities

With the increased focus across our nation on the art of working collaboratively, critical thinking, and problem-solving, our elementary faculty has risen to the challenge of raising the expectations of our students and setting rigorous curricular goals.

We recognize that our students live in a world that is different from the one we grew up in, one that is technology-focused and goal-driven, however, we also understand the value and importance of building a solid foundation with fundamental skills.

Through intentional use of data, our faculty work together to carefully craft learning activities and deliver instruction that is relevant, challenging, and engaging, all delivered within the context of a Christian Worldview. Faith and character education are crucial elements of the daily routine including time for community chapel and grade-level Bible instruction.

Students can be found daily in our computer lab working together on grade-level assignments or engaged in differentiated activities on their personal learning paths.

Elementary students also benefit from daily physical education, art, and music all delivered following the same best practices found in our core classrooms. Rich offerings combined with meaningful accountability produce students who are well-rounded and well-prepared to meet the challenges of each new stage of their academic career.



  • Elementary (K-5th Grade):
    8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday Dismissal at 2:00 PM