5 Tips to Prepare for Back to School 17/18

Our guidance counselor, Mrs. Amanda Nunez, MA, has assembled five great tips for students as they prepare to start the 2017/18 school year. Starting a new school year can be exciting, overwhelming and a bit scary as students embark on the next step in their education. Check out these tips straight from our expert, Mrs. Nunez.


#1 Learn What Your Learning Style Is

Everyone of us is unique and so is the way you learn! There are three main types of learning styles within the Multiple Intelligences which you may be familiar with: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. When you are able to determine the type of learning style that is best for you, you will find better results when you participate in class, study, and complete assignments! I highly encourage you to take a learning styles quiz. Do some research, and determine your learning style!


#2 Get a Planner!

The school year can be such a busy time! Balancing home work, school activities, family time, youth group activities, and sports can be really difficult. Having a planner or an agenda will help you with time management and making sure you organize your most important tasks! Or, consider a planning app. Take a look at the top planning apps for 2017 here.


#3 Set Goals For Yourself

Write out a list of goals that you want to achieve for the upcoming school year! Do you want to improve your grades by one letter from last year to this year? Do you have a lead role in this year’s theater production? Do you want to try a new sport or maybe make the varsity team? Write down your goals and make a plan to accomplish the smaller tasks you need to lead you to your bigger goal. Having that list on your mirror, in your planner, or somewhere visible can be a motivator to help you work to achieve those goals. Check out these 20 bible verses to help you stay motivated!


#4 Dedicate a Study Space

Set aside a place in your room or in the house that will be your study area. Some students work best at the kitchen table in a chair, some do better on the couch, or working on a bed. Some students prefer working on homework while listening to music and others need silence to be focused. Find what works best for you and make a space that will help you use your time wisely and effectively finish your homework! Check out more tip here.


#5 Read At Least One Book (Preferably More) Over the Summer

Students who select reading materials for themselves and read for enjoyment receive the most gains in reading achievement, including better reading comprehension, writing style, vocabulary, spelling, and grammatical development. Students who do not read over the summer can lose valuable progress they made during the school year. Harvard professor Jimmy Kim states, “Similar to prior research on summer learning… I found that the volume of summer book reading was positively related to fall reading achievement independent of prior reading and writing skills and student background characteristics.” Find some books you would like to read and set aside time each day to explore new ideas and new places in a book! Stop by our media center!


Keep checking back for more tips from Mrs. Nunez. 2017/18 is going to be a great year at MDCA.

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