5 New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

With the New Year approaching, there’s never been a better time to make a fresh start! View our list of the 5 Best New Years Resolutions for Students.

5 Useful New Year Resolution Ideas for Students

For many, the New Year represents a fresh start. It represents a time when you can put the past behind you and start the New Year with a clean slate. And there’s simply no better time to implement new habits than at the start of the New Year! Below, we present you with 5 of the best New Year resolution ideas for students to help you master those classes and excel in your studies throughout 2018.

Make New Friends

We’re so used to sticking with what’s familiar that it can sometimes prevent us from building new meaningful and lasting relationships. This New Year, don’t shy away from sparking up a conversation with someone new, because you never know what good things might come from it. New friends mean new opportunities, new experiences, and new habits. If you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut, then one of the best ways to change that is by making a new friend or two.

Keep a Calendar

Sometimes school can be so hectic that it becomes difficult to keep track of upcoming deadlines. As most students know, nothing’s worse than finding out that an assignment you haven’t started is due very soon. And believe it or not, some of the best New Year resolutions for students are ones as simple as keeping a calendar! So grab a calendar, fill out all of your important assignment due dates, and pin it to your wall so you that you’ll be constantly reminded to check it. Make sure to update your calendar each week, and you’ll be well on your way to being better prepared to tackle any assignment!

Be More Organized

Next on our new year’s resolution list is the resolution to get better organized. As with any other skill, there are many benefits to being organized. Students who approach schoolwork in a systematic way are better able to manage and keep track of their tasks, assignments, educational activities, and most importantly, time. This helps maximize each learning opportunity by making you more efficient and ensuring that you don’t waste valuable time. While you’re brainstorming New Year resolution ideas, be sure to add our favorite picks below for specific ideas on becoming better organized:

Organize Your Notes: There are many ways to organize your notes. One simple but effective way of doing so is to label each page of notes with two things: the topic and the date. Labeling the pages with the date allows you to organize your notes in chronological order, making it easier to find specific pages later on, and labeling your notes with the topic will allow you to quickly identify what each page is actually about, so you can more quickly find the notes you need at the time they’re required.

Organize Your Time: In many cases, students don’t pick specific times to work on homework, but end up piecemealing their approach, which is far from ideal. Instead, try creating dedicated slots of time for doing homework, and dedicated slots for pursuing leisure activities. It may feel weird at first, but organizing your time in such a way will help you to better concentrate when it’s time to do your homework, allowing you to get through it much more quickly and freeing up additional time for other things. Disorganized approaches to time management are certain to be inefficient, so getting a handle on this process is highly likely to improve both your performance in school, as well as your available time for having fun!

Organize Your Space: Having an organized, dedicated workspace can make all the difference. Make sure to create a workstation that will be quiet enough for you to focus, but also organized and comfortable. The more room you have the better, so try to work at a desk or table where you’re able to spread out your work. Lastly, it also helps to have this workspace reserved for doing homework-only so that when you sit down in this location, your mind knows it’s time to do school work instead of wandering off to think about what’s being posted on Facebook or Twitter.

Stop Procrastinating

Every student at one point or another has experienced some form of procrastination, but the reason that many students fall back into the habit of procrastination—even after making a vow to cut down on it—is because they rarely set specific goals. “Stop procrastinating” is a popular new year resolution for students, but by itself, it’s too vague of a statement to actually live up to. Here are two specific and useful ways to cut down on procrastination:

1. Complete assignments at least one day in advance of their due date
2. Do the assigned readings before class, not after

This can be done by writing down your due dates and making your due date one day earlier. Also, try breaking up assignments into smaller chunks that are more manageable and working on one chunk at a time. This is helpful because often times when we perceive an assignment as overwhelming, we get discouraged and end up procrastinating. Setting specific goals, and especially micro-goals, will help you avoid this feeling of being overwhelmed by too much to do.

Eliminate Self Doubt

Not believing in yourself is almost certainly the fastest way to hold you back from achieving your goals. If you fill your head with limiting beliefs, they can become a self-fulfilling prophecy in which you start to manifest those beliefs. Not even the best New Year’s resolutions can be of any use if you don’t believe in yourself. Next year, eliminate negative self-talk and say no to thoughts like these:

• “I’m not sure if I can do this”
• “I’m not as smart as everyone else”
• “I’ll never get a grade-point average higher than 2.5”
• “I probably won’t get accepted to my first choice college”

Replace those limiting statements with their opposites, instead reinforcing positive beliefs about your ability to overcome obstacles, accomplish goals, earn a great GPA and get into the college you want to attend. Start and end each day reciting positive affirmations, and you’re almost sure to start seeing progress manifest itself in your daily life. Try starting with some basic can-do type statements, like:

• Today, I will accomplish everything I set out to complete
• Today, I will remain positive, motivated, and happy
• I love challenges and I am prepared for any that come my way
• I am smart and today I prove it

Ensuring Your Resolutions Stick

As you start the New Year, keep in mind that in order to be successful with your resolutions, you will need to truly love them, because you shouldn’t make yourself do something you don’t want to do. Choosing resolutions that you aren’t really into is going to destroy your motivation and end up with resolutions that can’t be carried through to execution.

Along those lines, spend some careful, thoughtful time considering which resolutions you actually want to adopt, and then make sure to write them down once you’ve settled on the ones that you think are most important.
Also, be sure to keep a progress chart since visually seeing your progress can often cause a domino effect and help motivate you even more. Lastly, having support from your family and friends can go a long way, so be sure to let them know what you’re up to!

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